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The House Trailer

Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler team up with Jason Mantzoukas to run an illegal casino in The House.  When they find out they don’t have enough money for their daughter’s college tuition, Scott and Kate Johansen (Ferrell and Poehler) team up with their neighbor Frank (Mantzoukas), who claims they can make four year’s worth of tuition in a month and they turn Frank’s house into a mini Las Vegas casiono, complete with underage DJs and a strip club bedroom.  Things look like they get hilariously out of control as patrons like Nick Kroll, Lennon Parham, Rob Huebel, Andrea Savage, Michaela Watkins, Steve Zissis and more show up to gamble and participate in the other activities, like illegal MMA fights.  It looks pretty hilarious, especially everything Zouks is up to, and I think this may be the first Ferrell/Poehler team up as well.  It’s out June 30th and you can check out the trailer below.

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