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Scrooge McDuck and the Gang are Back for New Ducktales (Woo-Hoo!) (Trailer)

Disney XD is bringing Scrooge, Donald, Launchpad, Huey, Dewey, Lewey and Webby back for some new adventures with a reboot of the classic Ducktales hitting sometime this summer.  The basic premise seems to be the same as Uncle Scrooge brings the boys along on various adventures to find lost treasures and artifacts but the boys and Webby seem to be a little older than in the original cartoon, probably to match the pre-teen/early teen audience of Disney XD and the art style is brand new and feels a little similar to the excellent Mickey Mouse cartoons Disney has put out in recent years.  David Tenant is voicing Uncle Scrooge with Danny Pudi, Bobby Moynihan and Ben Schwartz as Huey, Louie and Dewey respectively, Tony Anselmo is voicing Donald and Kate Micucci is voicing Webby.  Most important, the theme song is still intact.  Check out the trailer below.


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