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Everything Actioncast Ep 343 “Ex-Expendables”

This week on the podcast, Zach and Joe talk about Stallone leaving The Expendables, Universal Studios and EPCOT, NFL on streaming, the surprise return of Rick & Morty, Hacksaw Ridge, wrasslin and more.

  • News: Stallone leaves The Expendables and Arnold won’t return either, Arnold won’t cameo in The Predator and Legend of Conan got passed on by Universal, The Mummy, Preacher and Annabelle: Creation trailers, Massive Empire Pictures Blu-Ray set, RIP Don Rickles, Jeffrey Dean Morgan joins Rampage, New Warriors coming to Freeform, Amazon gets streaming rights to 10 games of Thursday Night Football, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg writing and directing an Invincible movie, Invader Zim coming back as a TV movie and The Defenders gets a teaser and premiere date.
  • Show and Tell: Joe talks about his trip to Wrestlemania and Orlando and Zach watched Hacksaw Ridge, Solace, Justice League Dark, Rick & Morty, the series finale of Black Sails and the season premiere of Archer: Dreamland.

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