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SyFy Goes Grindhouse This June with Blood Drive (Trailer)

By Zach

SyFy, in the last few years, have slowly been building back up the credibility they had during the Battlestar Galactica days with shows like The Expanse and Channel Zero but all of that might get thrown out the window with their ridiculous looking, but potentially stupidly fun, new summer show Blood Drive.  Set in the far off future of 1999 and taking direct inspiration from Grindhouse and Death Race/Roger Corman, Blood Drive follows a cop (Alan Ritchson aka Bay TMNT’s Raphael) and a “violent vixen” (Christina Ochoa) who are part of a race in cars that run on human blood and run into all manner of sleazy, nasty characters and creatures.  This trailer seems like it’s the TV equivalent of a red band trailer for a movie, as there’s some f-bombs dropped that I don’t think SyFy can actually do (Who do they think they are, FX?) and it’s insanely violent, but that they can probably get away with.  The show starts on June 14th and you can check out the trailer below.

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