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Everything Actioncast Ep 350 “Alien: Lethal Protector”

This week on the podcast, Zach, Chris and Joe try to solve the mysteries of Alien: Covenant and Twin Peaks, talk Tom Hardy as Venom, the spiritual return of Batman: The Animated Series, the Dark Universe, pay respects to Roger Moore and much more.

  • News: RIP Roger Moore, Castlevania, Ozark, F is for Family, Game of Thrones, Tour de Pharmacy and Batman and Harley Quinn trailers, Tom Hardy cast as Venom, Joss Whedon finishing Justice League for Zack Snyder, Arnold will be back for new Terminator movie, Tom Cruise confirms Top Gun 2 is on the way, Resident Evil is getting rebooted with James Wan producing, Universal Monsters universe is now officially the “Dark Universe”, Tom Holland cast as Nathan Drake in Uncharted movie, Red Dead Redemption 2 delayed to 2018 and Elizabeth Banks directing a Charlie’s Angels reboot.
  • Show and Tell: All the guys saw Alien: Covenant and Joe started watching Twin Peaks while Chris watched the new episodes and Joe also started Archer: Dreamland while Zach watched the series finale of Samurai Jack.

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