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News Shotgun 7/1

By Zach

  • Mahershala Ali may star in True Detective Season 3: The Luke Cage and Moonlight star is apparently in early talks with HBO to star in a third season of their crime anthology series True Detective.  There’s been a delay to due to the negetive reaction to Season 2 and HBO has brought in Deadwood’s David Milch to co-produce the third season with creator Nic Pizzolatto.
  • Top Gun 2 gets release date and director: Top Gun 2 aka Top Gun: Maverick continues to move forward and Joseph Kosinski, who directed Tom Cruise in Oblivion and also directed Tron: Legacy, will direct the sequel, which is now scheduled for July 12th 2019.
  • Amazon debuting dubbed 80’s crime show: Working with A24, Amazon is debuting a new show in August called “Comrade Detective” that is playing itself off as a lost Romanian cop show from the 80’s that will feature Romanian actors Florin Piersic Jr. and Corneliu Ulici, who will be dubbed by Channing Tatum and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  The rest of the dubbing cast is crazy as well including Jenny Slate, Jake Johnson, Jason Mantzoukas, Nick Offerman, Fred Armisen and many more.
  • Deep Blue Sea sequel hitting SyFy: Seemingly never getting enough sharks, SyFy is making a sequel to cult classic Deep Blue Sea and seems to be following the same premise as the original, where a scientist is experimenting on sharks and things go bad.  No word on when it will debut on the channel.
  • Rick and Morty Season 3 date finally revealed: During their live event on Thursday, Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland finally confirmed the new season of Rick & Morty, which will be 10 episodes, will start on July 30th.
  • Voice cast revealed for Netflix’s Castlevania revealed: Richard Armitage, aka Thorin Oakenshield, will be voicing Trevor Belmont while James Callis of Battlestar Galactica will voice Alucard and Graham McTavish, currently the Saint of Killers on Preacher, will voice Dracula.  The series debuts on July 7th.
  • F is For Family Renewed for Season 3: Bill Burr’s animated Netflix series will return for another season of 70’s set hijinks, which will most likely debut sometime next year.
  • DC Animated 10th Anniversary collection announced: The first of the DC Animated films, Superman: Doomsday, debuted 10 years ago in 2007, and to celebrate, DC and WB are releasing a massive 30 film collection that will include all the films, from Doomsday to the upcoming Batman & Harley Quinn.  It will arrive on November 7th.
  • RIP Michael Nyqvist: Michael Nyqvist passed away at age 56 this past week after battling cancer.  Nyqvist was the co-star of the Swedish versions of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series and the villain of movies like Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and John Wick.
  • Better Call Saul Renewed for Season 4: Jimmy McGill will be back for a fourth season of the incredible Better Call Saul, with 10 new episodes arriving in 2018.
  • Casting for Castle Rock: The mysterious Stephen King project coming to Hulu has cast Sissy Spacek and Jane Levy as a retired professor and a death obsessed “historian” respectively.  The initial trailer seemed to imply this show was going to be a mashup/crossover of multiple King stories.
  • Tremors reboot coming to SyFy: SyFy has ordered a pilot for the new Tremors reboot series, with Kevin Bacon returning as Val McKee and Jason Blum producing.
  • Jake Busey playing the son of Gary Busey in Predator 2: Jake Busey revealed this week that he’ll be playing the son of his father’s character from Predator 2 in Shane Black’s The Predator, which is the first major tie-in back to the previous movies.
  • The Conjuring 3 in the works: While all their foes are getting spin-offs, the Warrens are returning as well as WB announced The Conjuring 3 is in the works.  James Wan will probably produce but not direct, as he’ll be deep into Aquaman.
  • The Accountant sequel announced: WB also announced a sequel to Ben Afflecks’ The Accountant this week.  WB is in talks with director Gavin O’Connor to return and the movie seemed to set up that *Spoilers* brothers Chris (Affleck) and Brax (Jon Bernthal) were going to potentially team up after making up following a brutal brawl at the house of corrupt CEO Lamar Blackburn (John Lithgow).


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