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Taraji P. Henson Kicks Ass in Proud Mary (Trailer)

Posted on July 20, 2017 by

Although the title and text treatment looks to be invoking things like Foxy Brown, the new action movie Proud Mary seems like its continuing the trend of action that we’ve been seeing since John Wick.  Taraji P. Henson is Mary, a hitman who works for the Boston mob who comes to protect a young boy she encounters when a hit goes bad.  Neal McDonough (hopefully in scenery chewing villain mode), Danny Glover, Xander Berkeley, Jahi Di’Allo Winston and Billy Brown co-star and it’s directed by Babak Najafi, who directed London Has Fallen, so it should hopefully have some old school action and possibly be slightly ridiculous as well.  It’s out on January 12th next year and you can check out the trailer below.

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