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Musical Montage: Misfits “Scream!”

Directed by the late, great George Romero, the music video for the Misfits’ song “Scream!” features the band arriving at a hospital with various wounds and bites and quickly becoming zombies and attack the staff and other patients of the hospital.  In a quid pro quo with Romero, they appeared in his movie Bruiser and contributed two songs for that movie’s soundtrack.  Scream! actually could have potentially appeared in two different horror movies as the Misfits found out that Wes Craven was looking for a song for Wishmaster, which he was executive producing, but instead of going for that movie, the Misfits recorded a demo and sent it to Craven for possibly inclusion in Scream 2, but Craven passed.  The song wound up being the only single from the band’s Famous Monsters album.  Check out the music video below.

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