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Preview of AVGC 2017

Posted on August 29, 2017 by

Back for it’s Third year, A Video Game Con will take place September 9th and 10th at the Parsippany PAL in New Jersey.  AVGC brings together a wide variety of gaming cultures and activities for all degrees of gamers. There will be arcade machines, console free play, gaming tournaments, indie developers, panelist, vendors and cosplayers all under one roof.


This year’s special guest line up features fan favorite YouTubers, cosplayers and content creators that all have a huge passion for gaming. All of the guests can be found at their booths, panels and getting in on the gaming action on the show floor through the two days. The special guest list for 2017:

Adam Koralick Console Wars Ian Ferguson 
Jeffrey Wittenhagen Kay Victoria Luna Chase
The Gaming Historian Pat The NES Punk Shawn Long
Peter Dorr Toni X Temptress


There will be multiple musical acts playing in on concert stage through out the two days, covering a medley of musical styles. There will be blaring rock songs, chiptune covers, remixes, and a live orchestra playing a original scores and fan favorite hits. Some of the bands are local to the Tri-State area and other have come the greater area to perform for their first time at AVGC.

Super Thrash Bros. Nerd Surge PixelFace
Gravity Ride The Schwam Eels of Love
Montclair Gamer Symphony Orchestra DJ Victrola DJ Damian Plague
Under The Covers Tarrats Smith


Rest up during labor day break to get ready for a weekend full of gaming, great entertainment and amazing people that represent all the best things about video games. Get your tickets at the AVGC showclix site to get right into the action at 10 AM Saturday and Sunday morning.

For more updates from AVGC and it’s community, check out the social media accounts.

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