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Takashi Miike’s 100th Movie, Blade of the Immortal, Looks Insane (Trailer)

Legendary Japanese director Takashi Miike, who has delivered cult classics like Ichi the Killer, 13 Assassins and Audition, is back for his 100th film this fall, the manga adaptation Blade of the Immortal.  Starring Takuya Kimura as Manji, an immortal samurai cursed to never die until he kills enough evil men, he joins up with a young girl looking to avenge her father and together they encounter all kinds of crazy and deadly characters.  13 Assassins was an awesome samurai movie and this movie looks like it’s right in that wheelhouse, just taken to extreme and darkly comedic ends, with lots of humor that kind of seems like Deadpool as the unkillable protagonist reattaches limbs and geysers of blood.  The movie is showing at Fantastic Fest and then will arrive in theaters on November 3rd.  Check out the trailer below.

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