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Up to Speed: Star Wars Rebels

Back for it’s final season, Star Wars Rebels has been filling in the gaps between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, showing the rise of the Rebellion through the eyes of the crew of the Ghost as they sabotage and raid the Empire, eventually drawing the attention of Darth Vader himself and currently the ruthless efficiency of Grand Admiral Thrawn.  If you were a fan of Clone Wars on Cartoon Network, Rebels has also featured the return of a bunch of fan favorites from that series as well as continuing and/or concluding dangling plots and there was also some close tie-ins to Rogue One as well, including Forest Whitaker reprising his role of Saw Gerrara.  Some of the episodes haven’t quite landed but, when Rebels is operating at it’s highest powers, it’s some of the best Star Wars out there and you can check out the recap below before the final season starts tonight on Disney XD.

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