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Ethan Hawke Has 24 Hours to Live (Trailer)

Seemingly taking a page from Crank, Ethan Hawke plays an assassin who is killed, is brought back to life, and then only has 24 hours to complete a final task in 24 Hours to Live.  Stealing a bit from In Time as well, Hawke has a timer built into his arm that is ticking down and he’s given a final task that, if completed, will let him live past the end of the countdown but there appears to be a ton of armed thugs and shady bosses in his way.  Qing Xu, Liam Cunningham and Rutger Hauer(!) co-star and it’s directed by stuntman Brian Smrz, who is hopefully going to live up to recent stuntmen turned action directors like Chad Stahelski and David Leitch (and the trailer plays up that some of the producers of this were also on John Wick).  It looks pretty fun and violent and it’s actually debuting this coming Thursday at the Austin Film Festival and then hopefully in theaters and/or VOD later on.  Check out the trailer below.

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