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Battle at the Box Office 11/13

By Zach

Thor, not surprisingly, took the top spot at the box office for the second weekend in a row but the two new releases were surprisingly strong.

Thor: Ragnarok made another $56.6 million, bringing it to over $211.5 million for its two weeks out and over $650 million worldwide.  It’s currently the 12th highest grossing MCU movie between Doctor Strange and Thor: The Dark World (so Ragnarok has made more in two weeks than Dark World made in its entire run).

Daddy’s Home 2 took second place with $30 million, down about $8 million from the opening of the original Daddy’s Home but basically double what the extremely similar A Bad Moms Christmas made last weekend when it debuted to $16 million.  Bad Moms dropped down to fourth with another $11.5 million but it only dropped 31% from last weekend, which is the best hold of any movie in the top 10.

Murder on the Orient Express took third place with $28.2 million, which makes it the third best opening for Kenneth Branagh as both an actor and a director.  There’s not really any opening box office numbers for the 1974 version but in today’s money, it made over $131.9 million (or $27.6 million in 70’s dollars).

Jigsaw rounded out the top 5 with another $3.4 million, bringing it to $34.4 million.  Its still the seventh movie overall in the franchise as far as box office and it needs about $11 million to pass Saw 3D aka Saw VII.

Further down the list, after expanding wider over the weekend, indie Lady Bird got into tenth place with $1.2 million in 37 theaters or about $33,766 per theater.

Thor will most likely fall to the combined power of the Justice League this coming weekend and the questions going in are will it get good reviews and will it top the phenomenon that was Wonder Woman?

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