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The Pull List: Ninjak #1

Posted on November 13, 2017 by

Secret agents, ninjas and explosions, Ninjak contains all the fun action high points to interest any big action fan. Taking inspirations from spy movies, ninja lore and super hero antics, Ninjak is an action packed character that uses both his wits and his martial art skills for the highest bidder. Colin King, a British spy turned Ninja mercenary, he is a deadly combination of suave gentleman charm and calculated assassin.

In the latest Ninjak volume, the first issue reveals the formation of the MI6’s Ninja Program is revealed. During World War I, Japan had sent a lone ninja to aid the British, and helped secured the victory for the war. This Ninja, called “Ninja-A” would stay with the British Military, training a next generation Ninja and starting the foundation of Ninja’s for MI6.

Introduced in a flash back is “Ninja-D”, another Britsh government Ninja that saved the world a few times and would later mentor a young Colin King. Ninja-D was the top agent during his time, leading an exciting life of toppling evil organizations and being a fashionable play boy. Ninja-D now long retired, is found murdered and a grow number of former Ninja agents have turned up dead. MI6 sent a warning to Ninjak to be cautious and that there is little information about this mysterious killer taking out former Ninja candidates. Ninjak sets off to find out the identity of the killer and how this all connects to the Ninja Program.

The newest Ninjak solo series is a martial arts fest of fast pace action and violence, returning the notion that Ninja’s are silent lightning fast razor blade tornadoes than comical generic bad guy fodder. (Or restaurant ruining jerks). Writing this volume is Christos Gage and art provided by Tomas Giorello. Gage is exploring the history of the Ninja Program and it’s past candidates that would eventually shape Colin King’s training. Tomas Giorello is visual action eye candy for the blood details in every sword chop, gun shot and flame thrower to the face.

Ninjak #1 will be released November 15th.

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