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Battle at the Box Office 12/11

By Zach

Coco stayed on the top of the charts for the third (and definitely final) week in a row while The Disaster Artist had a big expansion.

Coco took in another $18.3 million, bringing it to over $135 million for three weeks.  It’s also made $254 million worldwide, bringing it’s grand total to over $389.5 million.  It’s currently tracking ahead of Tangled but slightly behind Moana as far as recent Disney animated movies.

Justice League stayed in second with $9.6 million, bringing it to over $212 million.  It’s about $80 million from Man of Steel’s total take both domestically and worldwide, which is the closet DC Universe movie as far as gross, the rest of them are way beyond Justice League’s take and Star Wars will most definitely kill any chance it may have had left.

Wonder also stayed where it was from last weekend in third place with another $8.4 million, bringing it to over $100 million.

The Disaster Artist moved into 840 theaters over the weekend and leaped from 12th to 4th place with $6.4 million.  Reviews and audience reaction has been exceptional and it’s expanding even wider as the month goes on.

Thor: Ragnorak rounded out the top 5 with another $6.3 million.  It’s made over $833 million worldwide and it’s the 10th highest MCU movie domestically and the 7th highest grossing worldwide.

Further down the list and not even reaching the mediocre expectations expected from it was Just Getting Started, another old man comedy starring Morgan Freeman.  It made $3.2 million, which is nowhere near similar Freeman starring comedy movies like Last Vegas or Going In Style.

Most of the awards contenders and indies continued slow expansions, with The Shape of Water moved into 41 theaters and made $1.1 million, Lady Bird moved wide into 1,557 with $3.5 million and Three Billboards made $2.9 million in 1,620 theaters. I, Tonya also opened in 4 theaters and made $245,602.

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