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It’s A City Sized Demolition Derby in Mortal Engines (Trailer)

Posted on December 18, 2017 by

Coming from Peter Jackson as a producer, Mortal Engines is the latest entry in the “post apocalyptic YA novel” genre that was kickstarted by The Hunger Games but the concept of this one is pretty insane and awesome.  Thousands of years in the future and after a nuclear war destroys most of the Earth, the remnants of humanity live in “cities” that are actually giant vehicles and they race and battle each other for resources.  There’s not a lot of detail or setup in this teaser trailer but it does feature some awesome visuals and seems like a mega sized Mad Max, which is potentially amazing.  Christian Rivers, a visual effects supervisor on Jackson’s LotR movies, is making his directorial debut with this movie and it’s out on December 14th next year.  Check out the teaser below.


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