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The Pull List – Eternity #3

Posted on December 28, 2017 by

Eternity #3 starts with a clash between the Future-Light and Past-Light, the two groups fighting over Divinity and Myshka’s child. Divinity with all of his immense power, refuses to participate in the violence, watching the two groups meaningless battle gives him a passive perspective about the whole conflict. Neither side is right or wrong, but with the balance maintaining the two co-existing is gone. Previously a entity called the Observer was chosen to witness the progress of all living life in the universe, keep an order so everything was kept in place. It is revealed that Divinity and Myshka’s child is fated to be a new Observer to watch over the Future-Light and Past-Light groups, but will Divinity let that happen?

In this issue, we get to understand the purpose of the Observer and how without something to watch the universe, life become off balanced. During this time, Divinity has a moment of deep reflecting, visiting an old memory of growing up in Russia. His youth as a non super powered Abram Adams was a struggle with his adoptive parents, his school peers and his identity as a minority living in Russia. He found a sense of direction in his life by reading books and educating himself, knowing that he had controlled the power to be something greater. This thought conflicts the fate of his child, who is fated to be a Observer by unknown reasons. Divinity refuses to believe that his child does not have a chose in the matter. However, there are many factors that rest on the child filling in the Observer role that it forces individuals to take a role, pushing personal feelings aside for a greater goal. The next issue will wrap up the mini series and will challenge both Divinity and Myshka responsibility with their powers, their child and their roles in the universe.

Eternity #3 is on sale December 27

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