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The Pull List – Giants #2

Posted on January 3, 2018 by

In the next installment of Giants, Gogi and Zedo have been separated from each other after a dangerous gathering mission gone wrong. Gogi finds himself on the frozen top surface of the world in a desolate ruin city covered in snow. He finds help in a group of young survivors lead by an older boy named Uron. With the help of Uron and his group, Gogi fights a fever and they overcome the harsh weather and threats of the surface, also known as The White World. Zedo awakens under a pile of rubble and makes his way back to the Underground City. Using his quick reactions and sheer will to survive, Zedo fends off mosnters and collects precious ambernoir, a vital substance that fuels the Underground City, to bring back to the city. The two brothers don’t know what happen each other since they were ambushed by monsters, the last moment they shared ended with Zedo disappearing into the dark hole and Gogi flung to the surface world.

Issue 2 introduces life on the surface level of the destroyed earth. The landscape has changed into a frozen tundra and monsters roam the ruin cities. Gogi stumbles on a group of young survivors that live in the icy cold conditions, living to be near the sky than to be confine underground. Uron and his group seem to be very helpful, risking their lives to protect a stranger. This is a big difference of care he has experienced in the Underground City. Meanwhile, Zedo ventures back to the Underground City with his collection of ambernoir to present to the Bloodwolves, fulfilling the mission that he was sent on. Left with no other options after the losing his sworn brother and being disrespected by other Bloodwolves members, Zedo is driven to be part of the Bloodwolves gang. The two brothers now face different challenges as they are separated; Gogi on the harsh surface experiencing unknown threats and Zedo climbing the ranks in the Bloodwolves.

The Valderrama Brothers increase the violence and drama in this issue, showing off the destroy force of some of the monsters, the resilience of the survivors and the chaotic lifestyle of being a underground gang member. Fans of the anime/Manga series Akira can find the inspirations behind this comic and should definitely be reading the first two issues by now.

Giant #2 will be released January 3rd.

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