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The Pull List – Go West #1

Posted on January 16, 2018 by

A re-imagined western sets the new world of Go West, a three part mini series by Garret Gunn, Sean Forney and Saint Yak. Go West is set in the New West, a post apocalyptic earth where civilization has regressed back to the times of the American Wild West after a massive war. The tortured hero in Go West is Slade the Blade, a former killer and gang member that used to be the deadliest men in the New West. Picking up in 2136, Slade’s peaceful life is shattered when he finds himself with a murdered wife and child. With nothing holding him back, Slade is on a path of revenge to find those responsible for their murder and becomes the killer he swore he left in the past.

The first issue introduces a lot background about Slade’s character and the kind of rough place the world has become. It’s cool to see a second generation of the wild west that mixes in some modern technology and old fashioned frontier justice. 20th century weapons, homestead farmlands, abandoned highways and roaming scavengers fill out the vast and scarred landscapes of the west coast of America. What centuries ago was desert and new land to be explored, has returned back to being newly rediscovered territories for a new generation of survivors. Inspired by western and post apocalyptic movies, Go West is a bold story that is driven on gritty action and intense western violence. Comic readers looking to a cowboy revenge like no other should pick up this issue to see if they are prepare to go all in with Go West.

Go West #1 will be on sale January 17th

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