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The Pull List – Doppelganger #2

Posted on January 17, 2018 by

Dennis Zimmann is not giving up his life to his evil doppelganger without a fight. Evil Dennis has started to take over Dennis role at his home and his job. Retaining of of Dennis’s memories and skills, evil Dennis is free to shape a new identity.  Meanwhile the real Dennis turns to his best friend and neighbor Ricardo, to help figure out a way to get rid of the evil clone. The two look into where doppelgangers come from and what possibility might stop it from taking over the host’s life. Dennis and Ricardo turn to extreme and desperate measures to ensure that evil Dennis doesn’t become the only Dennis.

The second issue of Doppelganger starts the show the transformation of Dennis life into that of the evil Dennis’s vision. Jordan Hart and Emmanuel Xerx Javier explain about the terror of having to deal with twisted double that knows all of your secrets and weakness, and turns it all against you. Evil Dennis begins to get used to the daily morning routine. Waking up with his wife, saying hello to his child and beginning the commute to work. These are the things that the original Dennis may have taken for granted, but is eager to get it back. Ricardo, Dennis’s best friend and side kick, get involved into Dennis’s problem and it doesn’t hesitate to help him, even after hearing about a magical doppelganger creature. Ricardo’s friendship with Dennis is key for Dennis to have an ally that is willing to aid in this bizarre event.

Doppelganger #2 is on sale January 17th

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