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EA Commentary: My Samurai

Zach, Chris and Chris Ali are kicking off 2018’s commentaries with another bizarre entry pulled from the depths of YouTube, 1992’s My Samurai.  Featuring Mako, Bubba Smith and Terry O’Quinn, the movie follows Peter McCrea (John Kallo), the son of Terry O’Quinn’s James McCrea.  Peter witnesses a group of gangsters dumping a body outside his tae kwan do school and he becomes a target that needs to be eliminated.  His teacher, Young Park (Julian Lee) defends him and Peter, Young and James’ assistant Deborah (Lynne Hart) are forced to go on the run, getting help from hookers and fighting strange gangs that seem like rejects from The Warriors.  The guys try to figure out why a 40+ old man in a clown wig is running a gang, what country Peter is from, if everyone in this movie’s universe has the fragile bone disease from Unbreakable and much more.  The entire movie (and the version the guys watched) is below and you can sync it up with the commentary for some insane 90’s martial arts action.


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