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Jessica Digs Into Her Past for Jessica Jones Season 2 (Trailer)

Alias Investigations reopens in a month for the second season of Jessica Jones as Jessica (Krysten Ritter) digs into her past to find out how and why she got her powers following the car crash the killed her family.  With Trish’s (Rachael Taylor) help, Jessica discovers she may not have been the only one who got powers and one of the other test subjects is running around murdering people in NYC.  There’s also a new PI business trying to buy Jessica out and she’s also seemingly seeing visions of Killgrave (David Tennant) (or maybe there’s a crazy comic explanation that brought him back to life?).  It looks like more of what we got in Season 1, which you probably already know if you love or hate, and the new season arrives on March 8th on Netflix, check out the trailer below.


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