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The Pull List – Go West #2

Posted on March 27, 2018 by

Slade’s path of revenge leads him to “Lost Vegas”, a humble town protected by the fierce Lilly. Lilly oversees the protection of Lost Vegas, keeping order to the town and punishing anyone that tries to destroy it. Slade’s seeks out Lilly’s help to take on the Creep, the man responsible for Slade’s murdered family. Meanwhile, Creep gets word of Slade’s arrival in Lost Vegas, and prepares to welcome his incoming visitors.

Go West keeps with the fast pace neo western by having a lot of the story explained through dialogue. Not too many words are wasted going into small details, and many characters are easily explained by just their actions. Lilly has a cool and intimating introducing that should frighten anyone that is at the end of her gun. Creep is finally revealed and he is a scarred imposing figure. There is some missing information about Creep and Slade’s connection, but it doesn’t stop the flow of the story. While this issue doesn’t have the shoot first, shoot second, then shoot some more attitude the first issue had, it does clarify some background questions and introduces the main villain. Much like traditional spaghetti westerns, whose a good guy and whose a bad guys is quickly explained to jump into the action. The third and last issue brings Slade’s forces against Creep’s army in a showdown in the western wastelands. 

Go West #2 will be on sale March 28 2018

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