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The Pull List – Ninjak #6

Posted on April 11, 2018 by

A rogue Ninja from the MI6 has traded secrets to a unknown organization in Mexico City, Ninjak has be given a mission to silence the Ninja and find out what this organization’s plans. Mexico had recently collected a large amount of alien technology, drawing in those who seek power. During his investigation Ninjak encounters MI6’s former Ninja sensei, the Jonin and a collection of deadly enemies. Feeling the odds against him, Ninjak will seek out allies to help combat the powerful enemies.

There is no rest for the wick, and Colin King is a very wick Ninja. Fully recovered from his fight with Ninja-C, Ninjak is back at MI6 ready to take on a new deadly mission. What seemed like a assassination turned into a trap for Ninjak, bringing him in a duel with the exiled Jonin, whose teachings shaped over five generations of MI6 NInjas. If the Jonin was already bad news, more enemies from Ninja’s past appear and have teamed up. Previous events from the Valiant Universe had laid down the opportunity for these enemies to rebuild themselves and gather the resources to be a major threat. All these enemies have been drawn to Mexico, and their purpose still remains a mystery. 

Readers new and old to the series can easily start this arc as there is plenty of explanations to past events and some personal insights from Colin King. Events from Armor Hunter, Unity and Divinity III has brought characters in the path of Ninjak and he cannot face all of them at once. The previous issues dealt with Ninjak being a general badass while trusting no one, but this new arc will join other heroes to aid Ninjak and have two powerful forces go head to head.

Ninjak #6 will be released April 11 2018

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