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Man’s Best Friend Gets Upgraded in AXL (Trailer)

Apparently trying to throwback to movies like Short Circuit and Flight of the Navigator where kids stumble across highly advanced technology they should really have no business using, AXL arrives in August.  AXL is a highly advanced AI robot dog designed for military who gets damaged and goes missing until he’s discovered by teenager Miles (Colony’s Alex Neustaedter), who repairs AXL’s damage and takes him, showing to his crush Sara (Becky G) and the two team up to protect AXL when the military comes to collect him.  AXL’s design is actually pretty cool, he looks like what Soundwave’s spies, like Ravage, should have looked like in the Bayformers movies but it’s also definitely aimed at a younger crowd, with extremely safe looking action and uplifting life lessons.  The movie is out on August 10th and you can check out the trailer below.

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