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The Pull List – Harbinger Wars 2 #1

Posted on May 29, 2018 by

The armies are formed and ready to clashes in Valiant Universe’s next big crossover event. After discovering the plan to use government backed organizations to capture psiots, Liveware disabled technology across the USA states. All across the country, Harbinger Renegades leader Peter Stanchek is discovering and gathering newly awoken psiots. His ability to activate dormant abilities has created a small army of powerful people, and has brought the attention of many organizations looking to harness psiots. With the US at a vulnerable point, the government recruits the most powerful agents to take on the potential threat posed by the rogue psiots. It’s former allies battling it out to show who’s in charge in start of another Harbinger War.

Issue 1 starts with all sides preparing for their pending confrontation. Arric, the ancient human with advanced sentient alien armor, known as the code name X-0 Manowar, tries to reason with Liveware, to prevent the rising tension between the psiots and the US government. However, Liveware has been pushed to her limits. Witnessing too much suffering and the possible outcome for generations of psiots forced to be controlled by a cruel authority has driven her to lash out. The downfall of Toyo Harada had left a void of power, causing many organizations to grab up psiots by any means possible, and eliminating anyone that resists. Liveware knows first hand the inhuman treatment of psiots and refuses to back down from her terms. With a line drawn firmly in the sandr; X-O Manowar, Ninjak and the H.A.R.D Corps will face Liveware, Bloodshot and the Harbinger Renegades in a fight for the freedom of psiots.

Harbinger War 2 is a crucial chapter in the Valiant Universe that will dramatically effect future story lines. Like the first Harbinger War, many twist and turns are revealed as character’s true intentions are revealed and the best and worst in them are drawn out. For years, Toyo Harada’s grip on psiot’s gave a false view to the public. But after his plans were revealed and the public was made aware of the true power of psiots, the world became increasingly paranoid. Fans of classic Valiant Universe characters and series will want to catch this 4 part series to see how this will shake up other franchises. This crossover event brings together the big guns of the most powerful Valiant characters and they will duke it out for their own reasons. No one will walk away the same after the dust settles, so it’s best to get caught up once the punches start flying.

Harbinger War 2 #1 will be on sale May 30th 2018

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