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The Pull List – Usagi Yojimbo: The Hidden #4

By Chris

Just as Inspector Ishida and Usagi prepare to Oda the theft about the box left behind the murdered Kirishitan, a group of assassins spring into action. Making quick work of the unskilled assassins, but losing Oda in the chaos,  Inspector Ishida and Usagi two ponder about their next steps. After being hindered in their investigation by Chief Inspector Ito, who has ordered Inspector Ishida to not interfere with the Ogawa clan or ask about Kirishitans, Inspector Ishida is backed into a corner. In an attempt to by pass the formal rules of the law, Inspector Ishida and Usagi must turn to an unlikely ally for help.

Issue four has plenty of action and plot development to keep the story interesting. Right off the first few panels, there’s sword fights, a pissed off Usagi and some more devious remarks from the Snitch. Last issue focused more on detective work, which points Inspector Ishida and Usagi in the right direction for the investigation. However, Inspector Ishida is forced to give up his pressuring the Ogawa clan for leads. Being the honorable police officer, Inspector Ishida agrees, but it doesn’t stop him from asking someone else to bend the rules.

As the story arc hits the mid point, there is still much to explain about the murdered Kirishitan, the item that was contained inside box and what the Shogunate officials plans to do with the remaining Kirishitans. Inspector Ishida and Usag are caught between honor and duty, as well as keeping the Kirishitans out of the Shogunate hands. There still is much more to the case that will involve allies and enemies willing to fight.

Usagi Yojimbo: The Hidden #4 will be on sale June 20th 2018

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