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The Pull List – Ninjak #8

Posted on June 19, 2018 by

Its time to fight fire with fire as Ninjak and his team of specialists take on the immortals known as The Coalition. After a rough landing in Mexico and unfriendly greeting by the Coalition members, it’s time for a clash of swords, magic and robotics. Each of NInjak’s teammates faces off against their rival opponent, utilizing their abilities to combat their ideal target. But as the fight rages outside in the jungle, Ninjak manages to slip inside the Coalition base to discover a hidden member of the Coalition and their secret project which has been their true goal of the whole operation.

Issue eight opens with a dramatic crash landing that forces Ninjak team’s to act quickly and showing that even in their differences, they can figure out a strategy to work together. It would be kind of odd to see a gigantic talking robot falling from the sky, but after reading enough Valiant comics, it’s not that strange. The Coalition wastes no time in introducing themselves to Ninjak’s team, offering no chance to escape and looking to kick off a battle. Livewire’s advanced tech can match the Jonin martial art skills. Dr. Mirage can suppress Linton March’s mystic powers. Punk Mambo can lay a beat down on Kostiy the Deathless. Ninjak can easily dice up Ultimo, while making a dash to the Coalition base. It’s a balanced fight that gives no side a clear advantage and it makes for some great visuals.

In this four issue story arc, Ninjak uncovers the purpose of the Coalition and their goals of being in Mexico. There is also a reveal of another member of the Coalition that seems to know more about immorality and rebirth. The conclusion is fast approaching and this issue ignites a fierce fight between Ninjak’s team and the Coalition. The big showdown will be revealed in next month’s issue.

Ninjak #8 will be released June 20th 2018

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