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The Pull List – Blackwood #3

Posted on July 20, 2018 by

The curse of Blackwood is real and deadly, and for one unfortunate student, that curse is enforced. The surviving students and the facility staff must deal with the grim reality that very sinister is coming to Blackwood college. The school has always been known for it’s mysterious and unexplained phenomenon, but it’s reached a new level that even’s its most veteran staff are now afraid. With dooming sense fills the town, what is the hidden foe is coming for Blackwood? **Minor Spoilers Ahead**

Issue three starts off with a major shake-up with the discovery of a corpse from one of the main characters. As a horror fan, it’s exciting to see this tales spares no love for any character, and freely endangers almost all characters. It’s a great sign when a horror tale is willing to kill off a major character to provide it isn’t messing around to be a tale of fun and laughter. Evan Dorkin doesn’t sugarcoat the horror elements and sends out poor Dennis Wolchinski. In fact, readers with a problem with bugs, this issue will send real chills down your backs. Prepare to see giant size version of the pest that makes your skin crawl in colorful and menacing designs by Veronica Fish.

As it was hinted before in the previous issue, Blackwood college has a history of troubling times and a certain understanding of how to deal with them. But this new threat challenges the school in ways it may not be prepared for. The homeless woman shown in previous issues has come to be known as the Bug Mother and has come to make her plans known. The dark forces that surround the school are making their move now, but next month’s final chapter of Blackwood will show who and what will survive.

Blackwood #3 will be on sale July 25th, 2018 

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