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The Pull List – Harbinger Wars 2 #4

Posted on August 27, 2018 by

In a last-ditch effort to stop Livewire from crashing the G.A.T.E’s military mobile fortress, the Loveboat, X-O Manowar heads out to take on Livewire in a one on one fight. Bloodshot, being controlled by Livewire, damaged the ship’s structure and is piloting it to smash into the ground. While the two powerful heroes take their fight to the skies and beyond, back inside the Loveboat, the Geomancer Tama tries to make a safe escape with all the crew onboard the sinking ship. Her efforts alone cannot save everyone, and she finds herself in a desperate situation. The battle is fierce and the risks are high, but Livewire is willing to wager these lives to ensure the government will not harm any psiots anymore.

Issue four brings unleashes the rage of Livewire against the forces that wish to control her. No longer sitting out the fight, she faces off against XO-Manowar, a former friend and ally in Unity. Crashing the Loveboat send a clear message to the G.A.T.E and Omen about messing with psiots and she is willing to make great sacrifices to show it.  XO-Manowar, a figurehead for justice and one of the earth’s greatest protectors, understands Livewire’s pain but must protect the innocent people caught up in this war. The two warriors clash in outer space where only their powers will do most of the talking.

This issue brings an end to the Harbinger Wars 2 series. It was a great collaborative story that brought together different artists to illustrate various parts of the story, giving each perspective it’s own unique feel. A series like this would normally be broken up into multiple running comic series that readers would have to hunt down multiple titles to complete one solid narrative. But Valiant did the smart approach and contained the story in one easy to read mini-series. The results of the war will be present in current and future comics from the Valiant Universe. Currently Quantum and Woody had experienced effects when Harbinger Wars 2 broke out when they returned from their own misadventure in time and had to deal with the consequences of the war. Valiant fans that need to know where the future of the series is heading should be following this series and are not going to be disappointed with the results.

Harbinger Wars 2 #4 will be released August 29th, 2018.


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