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The Pull List – Death Orb #1

Posted on September 27, 2018 by

In the dark and violent future, the wastelands of the world will be controlled by the power hungry warlords and vicious minions terrorizing the roads. One man, Rider, a tough-talking and ax-wielding lone survivors journeys through the decaying ruins of North America. Rider is on a mission to stop Father, a cult leader reigning over the lands with his military forces. Hired thugs, armed troopers and crazed mystics block Rider’s path and he must crave through them in order to get his ax near the neck of Father.

Issue one opens with Rider already in a fight at a biker bar, making a quick and bloody introduction to the world of Death Orb and the brutality of Rider. The world has become very wild, with bandits, scavenger and bloodthirsty guns for hire willing to do any job for a buck. A typical survivor character, Rider has survived this long by being the fastest and roughest in a fight. A man with few words, Rider’s true reason to Father is to find his family, his wife and his child and he will make it very clear to his enemies to not stop him. The right man with the skills and the motivation to fight for what he holds close will not go down so easily.

Writer Ryan Ferrier takes the reader into a scattered future world where technology has advanced, but society has regressed. Where violence is a way of life and control only comes from the ruthless that grab it. Artist Alejandro Aragon and Chris O’Halloran populate the story with colorful character designs and intense action sequences. The opening panels feature vibrate colors of blue, purple and green, then a fine coat of blood thrown on top, courtesy of Rider. Death Orb takes inspirations from classic post-apocalyptic movies like A Boy and his Dog and Mad Max, borrowing the basic formula for setting a destructive world and adding some new twist. Comic fans looking for an action, sci-fi adventure should take a look at Death Orb for their tale of a troubling future.

Death Orb #1 will be on sale October 3rd, 2018.


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