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The Pull List – The Wrong Earth #2

Posted on October 10, 2018 by

Both versions of Dragonflyman get a strange welcome to their new counterpart world. The dark and jaded Dragonflyman from Earth-Omega is surprised to see his ward Stringer alive and his heroism praised in Earth-Alpha. The honorable and polite Dragonflyman from Earth-Alpha is greeted by corruption and violence in Earth-Omega. The Earth-Omega Dragonflyman is not used to seeing this cheery version of his world, believing everyone is hiding something on the surface. The Earth-Alpha Dragonflyman is shocked by all the loose morals, witnessing human greed at it’s worst. Realizing they had swap places with their double, the Dragonflymen try to learn more about their new world and find a way back.

Issue two of The Wrong Earth delves deeper into “the fish out of water” theme, with each Dragonflyman adjusting to their extreme opposite. The Earth-Omega Dragonflyman comes from a world where the line between hero and villain is very thin. He is not used to a chipper Fortunate City that doesn’t run on dishonesty. However, the Earth-Alpha Dragonflyman is oddly prepared for Earth-Omega, even tho it’s nothing like his old world. His meticulous approach to justice gave him a strong edge in a world of senseless violence. While the two Dragonflymen don’t team up in this issue, they easily take up the roles of their counterparts and find useful tools in their respective Dragonfly Bughouse. The story is just teasing on what is happening to Number One, but that only means more suspense and danger in the next issue.

Included in this issue an additional mini-comic, two short stories and an interesting set of instructions to microwave food. The mini-comic, Not in my Backyard by Paul Constant, Tom Feister and Rob Steen, follows Dragonflyman and Stringer from Earth-Alpha as they protect a land development project. A villain named The Nimby sets out to halt a new skyscraper, but Dragonflyman and Stringer fly in to stop him. The story and action are campy and hilarious, parodying the Golden Age of heroes and the current state of urban development. The short story Lackey Luck by Bryce Ingman and an illustration by Alan Robinson gives a view of being a lackey fighting against heroes. It’s funny and insightful, seeing how being the cannon fodder in a world of overpowered people. It does make the reader think who is the real villain in the end. The second essay, How to Tell If You’re A Time Traveler by Kek-W with an illustration by Carol Lay poses some questions to determine if the reader has landed in the far future or some a spot in the past. These are questions that don’t seem helpful at first but should come in handy if humans ever get those time machines working one day. And finally, Microwave Directions for Your Chicken-Fried Steak Entree dinner by Mark Russell and art by Joe Orsak, a simple and strange nine-step list to cook a meal. Not to spoil much, but the first and last steps are the easiest.

The Wrong Earth #2 was released October 10th, 2018.

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