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The Pull List – Predator: Hunters II #3

Posted on October 17, 2018 by

The Hunter team take the help offered by a young boy named Atal, who has been studying the mountain terrain. Atal is part of the village that used to be terrorized by the Jihad forces until the Predator had eliminated them. The villagers have seen believed the Predator to be a Djinn, a desert guardian. Atal makes a deal with the Hunters to show them where the Djinn has made his hideout in exchange for passage to Canada. But as the Hunters make their way up the mountains, a Black Ops team flies into a former Jihad base and discover why Predator had earned the title of Djinn.

Issue three lures in a new group of soldiers willing to take on the Predator for its technology. This Black Ops team has the numbers but might not have the skills to fight. Instead of a silent approach, they are loud and eager to fight. Making their presence known and vulnerable. The Hunter team, small in numbers but knowledgeable about their prey, are quite. Experience has taught them that brutal force is not the best approach, especially when trying to surprise a yautja.

Jaya Soames leads her team to be efficient on their resources but requires a little help from Atal to get to her goals. As the two groups try to find the Predator in the mountains, they will soon realize the how deadly this Predator is in it’s hunting grounds. Chris Warner pits the Hunter team in their deadly challenge yet and it all comes to an epic finale in the next issue.

Predator: Hunters II #3 will be on sale October 24th, 2018.

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