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The Pull List – High Heaven #3

Posted on November 20, 2018 by

Sometimes the person you hate the most, could be the only person that can help you. David finds out his new roommate is his former friend Ben, the person responsible for misleading David that eventually caused his death. Just when heaven can’t seem to be any worst, now his most hated person is sharing his bedroom. But miraculously, Ben is the only other person that sees this version of paradise to be very underwhelming. Now the former friends start to mend their differences and might work together to find a way out of heaven.

Issue three of High Heaven offer another cynic to the clouds, Ben doesn’t care for subpart afterlife amenities that could be found at a cheap hostel. Unlike David, Ben kept his frustrations to himself and hasn’t made enemies yet. This allowed Ben to experience but still came to the same conclusion as David. However, David got a brief tour of a better version of paradise. High Heaven, the special and luxurious version that only select members can live is, is the complete opposite for the general entry version. Instead of cramped apartments, and vending machine food, High Heaven offers everything to silence end the most jaded cynic. But David is doomed to be kept in regular bland heaven, he discovers “L-Meat”, something that has some power in heaven. No one will say anything about it, and now there’s a mystery to follow.

Tom Peyer hilariously sets up David to complain his way for guidance that actually starts to make a lot more trouble for everyone. High Heaven continuous to be dark and twisted, transforming David’s heavenly afterlife into hell. Heaven does not appear at all what it seems and the mysterious “L-meat” can be David’s ticket out, but it will no doubt be something for David to complain about.

Included in this issue; there is a new story for Hashtag: Danger by Tom Peyer and Chris Giarrusso, a reflection about the movie Eraserhead by David Schmader and illustrated by J.P. Crangle, a short story about crossing traffic in the future by Paul Constant and illustrated by Cayetano Valenzuela. a short story about surviving through the grief of death by Matthew Sharpe and illustrated by Fred Harper.

High Heaven #3 will be on sale November 21, 2018.

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