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The Gods Gather For War in American Gods Season 2 (Trailer)

After a ton of delays and backstage shuffling, American Gods is finally coming back to Starz in March.  The war between the Old Gods and the New Gods draws closer in Season 2 as Mr. Wednesday (Ian McShane) gathers his allies at The House on the Rock and Mr. World (Crispin Glover) plots their demise with the other New Gods while Shadow (Ricky Whittle) tries to figure out his place in the conflict to come.  The show lost three showrunners since the end of Season 1 and there were apparently a ton of script issues and scheduling conflicts forced both Gillian Anderson and Kristen Chenoweth to be unable to return.  Kahyun Kim is taking over for Anderson as “New Media” and Emiily Browning, Pablo Schreiber, Bruce Langley, Orlando Jones, Peter Stormare, and Yetide Badaki are all back.  Judging from this trailer, it seems like the show’s visual style is still intact despite Bryan Fuller and Michael Green leaving and hopefully the second season is not a complete disaster.  We’ll find out on March 10th and you can check out the full Season 2 trailer below.


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