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Action Hero of the Week: Cataleya

Name: Cataleya Restrepo

Occupation: Assassin

Family: Fabio (Father), Alicia (Mother), Mama (Grandmother), Pepe (Grandfather), Emilio Restrepo (Uncle)

Allies: Danny Delaney, James Ross

Enemies: Don Luis, Steve Richard, Marco, William Woogard, Genarro Rizzo

Weapon(s) of Choice: Beretta Px4 Storm, Beretta 90Two, Dual Uzis, SIG SG 551, Blaser R93 Sniper Rifle

Body Count: 22

Memorable Quote: “Talking about covering all my bases, your chair is pressure-wired. You move a single inch, and it’ll be the last move you ever make”

See Cataleya in Action:


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