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The Pull List – Army of Darkness/Bubba Ho-tep #1

When two hunters of the undead team up to take on a powerful mummy, the world better be ready for mayhem and a whole lot of rock and roll. Ash Williams is on a trip to Texas to check out an incident involving a man claiming to be Elvis Presley. It was rumored that Elvis defeated an Egyptian mummy, Bubba Ho-tep, at a retirement home. Meanwhile, Elvis has been living in hiding since the event at Shady Rest. He believed to he stop the mummy problem once and for all. But just when Ash and Elvis meet, evil returns to threaten the world, and it’s up to the grooviest heroes to save the day!

In this cross over event, Ash Williams, the chainsaw handed, shotgun-wielding, killer of deadites, is on a midlife crisis. Reflecting on the time he has left, he goes on a road trip to investigate a report about Elvis. But instead of finding a delusional old man, Ash discovers the real Elvis. This older Elvis is a genuine karate fighting, hip shaking, mummy destroyer. The two team up to fight against the evil forces of a resurrected Bubba Ho-tep, who has returned to terrorize time and space. 

Army of Darkness/Bubba Ho-tep is a fan letter to all things that make cult horror movies awesome. It has unlikely heroes fighting against an ancient evil while making a few jokes and getting into more trouble. Scott Duvall perfectly captures the arrogant and jokester personality of Ash Williams. Ash is shown to be wary of many people he encounters and can’t take most moments seriously. Duvall re-introduces Elvis Presley as a frumpy but wise, old man. Elvis might appear out of shape, but he isn’t afraid to exchange punches with the brash Williams. Ash and Elvis’s first introduction is wonderful. It’s everything fanboys expect if two Bruce Campbells should ever meet in the same room. Vincenzo Federic and Michele Monte illustrate an eye-catching artwork. Federic has great character designs, adding in extra details on Ash’s metal hand and the scruffy 5 o’clock shadow on Elvis’s face. There a wide range of color and tones that makes the comic have a campy late 80’s horror flick.

This series is a must read for any fans of Ash, Elvis and Bruce Campell. Army of Darkness/Bubba Ho-tep aimings to feel like the long-awaited sequel to both series and promises to have all the charms that made the movies a treat to watch. Elvis Presley makes a great partner for the cocky Ash Williams. Expect more whacky action, amazing artwork and funny dialogue as the pair begin their fight against a great evil.

 Army of Darkness/Bubba Ho-tep #1 will be on sale February 13th, 2019.

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