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The 13th Annual Kick Ass Awards

It’s Oscar time again this coming weekend but the only awards that matter are our annual Kick Ass Awards, doling out the best and worst of 2018 and honoring the Ass Kicker of the Year and The Kick Ass Movie of the Year and much more.  Read on to see our full list of winners.

Liam Neeson Should Never Travel Award: The Commuter

Best Douche-Off: Den Of Thieves

America, F**K Yeah Award: 12 Strong

Most #Woke Blockbuster: Black Panther

Best R Rated Comedy: Game Night

Most Disturbing Mutations: Annihilation


Biggest Directing Whiplash: Eli Roth for directing both Death Wish and The House with A Clock in Its Walls in 2018

Most Egregious Misuse of Walton Goggins: Tomb Raider

Most Ridiculous Heist Movie: The Hurricane Heist

Craziest Villain Plot: Pacific Rim Uprising (Runner Up: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom)

Most Overwhelming Use of Existing IP: Ready Player One


Best Senses Based Horror Movie: A Quiet Place

Most Rock Solid Dwayne Johnson Movie: Rampage

Most Hilarious Sequence: The Deployment of X-Force in Deadpool 2


Worst Expansion of Canon: How Han Solo got the last name Solo in Solo

Best Movie that Was Essentially the Same as the Original: Incredibles 2

Best Attempt at a John Wick Knock-Off: Hotel Artemis

Dumbest Villain: Ted Levine in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom


Sequel That Most Missed the Point of Its Predecessor: Sicario: Day of the Soldado

Best Addition to the Purge Franchise: USA’s The Purge

Most Delightful MCU Hero: Scott Lang

Worst Sequel: The Predator (Runner Up: The Equalizer 2)

Best Fight Sequence: The Bathroom brawl from MI: Fallout


That’s Enough YA Dystopia Award: The Darkest Minds (Runners Up: Mortal Engines, Maze Runner: The Death Cure)

Most Awful Characters: Mile 22 (Runner Up: Den of Thieves)

Most Elaborate “Travelling” Horror Attraction: Hell Fest

Weirdest Bromance: Venom


Biggest Earworm: “Shallow” from A Star is Born


Best Tarantino Homage: Bad Times at the El Royale

Best Character Returns: Laurie Strode and Michael Myers in Halloween

Most Overqualified Cast for a Generic Ass Action Movie: Hunter Killer

Best Genre Mash-Up: Overlord

Best Performance by a Dog: Olivia from Widows and Game Night

Most Surprising Character Arc: The Dragos in Creed II

Best Team-Up: The Spiders in Into the Spider-Verse

Most Insane Superhero Soundtrack Song: Ocean to Ocean by Pitbull (Runner Up: Venom by Eminem)

Coolest Santa: Kurt Russell in The Christmas Chronicles

Ass Kicker of the Year: Grey Trace and STEM from Upgrade


Jason Statham Award for Excellence in Stathaming: The Meg

Steven Seagal Direct to DVD Award: Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay

Lincoln Hawks Memorial Over the Top Award: Mandy


Kick-Ass Movie of the Year: Avengers: Infinity War


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