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The Pull List – Red Sonja #2

Posted on March 1, 2019 by

Coaxed into becoming the Queen of Hyrkania, Red Sonja’s visit to her homeland becomes a complicated burden. The Emperor of Zamora, Dragan the Magnificent, is on a quest to expand his empire across all of Hyboria. The meager lands of Hyrkania are not filled with material riches or prized possessions, but Dragan wishes to control the kingdom to fuel his expansion. Red Sonja, tricked into becoming Hyrkania ruler, does not give in to Dragan’s submission. Instead, she is defiant to Dragan’s demand to give up Hyrkania. Choosing to embrace her last connection to her past, Red Sonja vows to protect Hyrkania. With her court advisors and her cousin Kryon at her side, Red Sonja readies Hyrkania for battle.

Issue two sees Red Sonja accepting her role as a Queen. She had replied to Dragan with an aggressive message and will defend her throne from the invading army. Meanwhile, Dragan is dealing with his own troubles in Zamora. His family life is loosely held together, with a son that loves him and a wife that is indifferent. Dragan appears as a well fleshed out character, with lots of examples about his background and his intends. It is pretty funny to watch him jump from being humous and tyrannical whenever bad things start to happen.

Red Sonja continues to be exciting read with witty dialogue and great action. The story is well paced that builds up the pressure surrounding Hyrkania. Red Sonja hasn’t earned the trust of the Hyrkanians and has limited resources to build an army with. The best technological wonder from Hyrkania is a self-cooking cow technique. It’s gross and awesome, but unfortunately, that does not help in battle at all. Red Sonja faces an uphill battle within her own country and with the forces of Dragan.

Mark Russell and Mirko Colak tell an amazing chapter that shows the tension between the two kingdoms. Russell balances a healthy blend of drama and comedy in the narration. Nothing feels too out of place with the light-hearted jokes or the melodramatic speeches. The action is on the light side in this issue, but the story promises to show off the skills of the Hyrkania people soon. Dragan can take only so many insults before he will send lash out and the next issue looks to be another enjoyable read.

Red Sonja #2 will be on sale on March 6th, 2019.

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