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The Pull List – Avatar: Tsu’tey’s Path #3

By Chris

As Jake Sully quickly adapts to be a great hunter in the Omaticaya clan, Tsu’tey jealous begins to take over him. Tsu’tey has been vocal about letting Jake stay and was hesitant to let Jake train. Tsu’tey had expected Jake to fail many of his trials. but was shocked to see Jake thrive with each lesson. As a prideful and arrogant Na’vi, he never suspected that an outsider to match his abilities. Soon, most of the hunters have grown to accept Jake, leaving Tsu’tey to be alone with his grudge. But when the Sky people begin their destruction expansion into Omaticaya land, Tsu’tey rallies his people to fight. The time has come to see how Tsu’tey’s trainees are prepared and where Jake’s alliances lie.

Issue three sees Tsu’tey giving into his resent towards Jake, and it is affecting his standing with the other hunters. While Tsu’tey can’t seem to let go of the past, he also can’t move on with the future yet. Still grieving over his former lover, Sylwanin, he looks to build a new relationship with Neytiri. However, his proposal with Neytiri become complicated when Neytiri becomes involved with Jake instead.

Sherri L. Smith reveals Tsu’tey’s inner struggle with accepting the changes Jake Sully and the humans have brought to his land. From Tsu’tey’s perspective, a complete outsider has snuck into his community and has begun to turn everyone against him. Tsu’tey distrust with humans is further increased when Tsu’tey standing in the clan is threated by Jake’s abilities and attention from Neytiri. But for the peace of his clan, Tsu’tey is able to ignore most of Jake’s interferences. Smith sets up a Tsu’tey to be a complicated character who is trying to do the right, while slowly giving in to his hatred. The next issue will see what Tsu’tey will do when his people are threatened and his heart is broken.

Avatar: Tsu’tey’s Path #3 will be released on March 20th, 2019.


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