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The Pull List – Red Sonja #3

The Hyrkanians strike the first blow in the fight against the Zamora Empire. Sonja’s thief cousin Kryon, was able to steal a large cache of supplies, right from under Dragan’s view. WIth weapons and gold, the Hyrkanians now have the resources to properly outfit their people for battle. But Dragan does not take this act silently. He issues a resupply order to his homeland, preparing to bring down his furious might to Hyrkania. Will Red Sonja and her forces be ready for Dragan’s retaliation?

With the odds stacked against the Hyrkanians, every move Red Sonja makes as their queen must be carefully calculated. One wrong step and the whole nation would be consumed by the Zamora Empire. Luckily, Sonja was a pupil of Domo of Khitai, a master tactician that trained Sonja to overcome great challenges. In a flashback, Sonja revisits a moment that taught Sonja the value of dependable people. And in her current situation, she can use all the dependable people for her side.

Issue three continues Mark Russell exciting story, setting up intense moments that reflect the skillful mind of Red Sonja and her people. The writing is clever and cheeky, hiking up both Dragan and Red Sonja’s perspectives to see how each side thinks about war. Dragan is maniacal and comical as he airs his grievances to his court. Red Sonja fills the role as a great leader, something that her past has prepared her to do, and does not let her fears unraveled her commitment. The fight for Hyrkania has just begun and Dragan will not be easily defeated by stolen supplies. Red Sonja will have to build up her forces for an upcoming assault in the next issue.

Red Sonja #3 will be on sale on April 3rd, 2019.

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