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The Pull List – Livewire #6

Posted on May 9, 2019 by

Amanda is given an invitation to view the students at the Psiot Safety & Education Program (PSEP). Serena Byrne, the Director of the PSEP, offers Amanda the chance to tour the faulty. While the program assures a protected environment where young psiots can grow, Amanda suspects there is more to PSEP than Byrne is letting on. If the PSEP is hiding anything, Amanda will have to walk into their territory to find answers.

Serena Byrne allows Amanda to observe her students at the PSEP campus, with a few rules and a warden at her side. They won’t let a wanted criminal roam freely without some overwatch. Byrne’s second in command Jada leads Amanda to sightsee. From the surface level, everything seems normal. Even spotting Phoebe Daniels, the young girl that voluntarily joined the program. But Amanda is more interested in what the PSEP contains virtually. She bids her time until she can get access to their servers and get a true behind the scenes experience of PSEP.

This issue explores the PSEP and their students, with hints about their ulterior motives. The PSEP promised a peaceful solution to the psiot scare but is it all a ploy to oppress the unwilling? Amanda sees a lot of her past experience at the Harada Foundation at the PSEP. She is familiar with corrupt officials and abuse of power and plans to stop this new organization if they follow the same route. But before Amanda can act, she has to be sure of her gut feelings, and the next issue will have the truth come out.

Livewire #6 will be on sale on May 15th, 2019.

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