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The Pull List – Fight Club 3 #5

Posted on May 23, 2019 by

Die Off Endeavors’ diabolical virus arrives at the doorsteps of Marla Singer. An infected mover tries to seduce the Marla to add to his count of carriers. Meanwhile, Balthazar and Tyler are stuck at a Die Off Endeavors seminar. They had hoped to learn something about the organization, but are shown useless marketing than actual information. Can they make it out of the borning speeches or will Marla be forced to be a new infectious carrier?

Balthazar and Tyler worst fear come true in this shocking issue. The threat of Die Off Endeavors’ makes its way to a heavily pregnant Marla and Balthazar’s child. The infected of Die Off Endeavors don’t care who they managed to seduce, as long as it helps add to towards their goal of a million victims. To protect their family, Balthazar and Tyler will have to act fast before the world is taken over by Die Off Endeavors.

Chuck Palahniuk lets Marla Singer takes a bigger role in this issue. Marla is still the foul mouth, willful, cynic, but squeezes in some moments to be motherly to her child. After the events of Fight Club 2, Marla has been on edge from all the crazy events and she’s pretty used to handle some weird sights. However, there are limits to what Marla can get used to, and she makes Balthazar and Tyler know that they have to do something about it. As the series heads to issue six, Die Off Endeavor has yet to reveal their grand plan and what other secrets they hide.

Fight Club 3 #5 will be on sale on May 29th, 2019.
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