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The Pull List – Bloodshot: Rising Spirit #8

Posted on June 26, 2019 by

Reprogrammed to build the perfect soldier, Bloodshot has taken on the identity of Angelo Mortalli, Vernon Krieg, Moon Blood, and many others. However, in an attempt to force an identity onto Bloodshot, Project Rising Spirit had perfected a bloodthirsty maniac. To stop Bloodshot, Colonel Gavin Daube is given nanites to repair his damaged body and hunt for Bloodshot. There will only be one man left standing after this super soldier fight.

When Bloodshot is given the identity of Richard Wallace Tate, a murderous criminal, Bloodshot fully takes on the killer’s vicious personality. In order to heal Gavin Daube’s body and make their own weapon, Doctor Olga Strauss injections Gavin with experimental nanites. Slowly transforming as the nanites alter his anatomy, Gavin is rebuilt and on his way to stop Bloodshot. To understand more about Bloodshot’s current identity, Gavin and Olga find Ray Garrison, the programmer that created the false implants. Working together, they must figure out a way to neutralize Bloodshot before his crime spree gets any worst.

Bloodshot’s origin is filled with conspiracy, mad science experiments, and greed. So it’s no surprise the closing entity goes out with a bang. It is proper to close out this story with nothing but high octane action and violence. Kevin Grevioux had revealed the many starting points that hint at Bloodshot’s creation. Taking inspiration from previous versions, Bloodshot had become a collection of prior iterations. Grevioux offered a different approach to Bloodshot that altered the background story. No longer a man with a past, this version of Bloodshot focuses more on the actions of the supersoldier than on where he came from.

The art style changes with the four artists contribution a few pages. John K Snyder III, Diego Yapur, ChrisCross and Jordi Tarragona have a varitying style that either makes the scene become very cartoony or serious. John K Snyder III has a very rough hand-drawn detailing, ChrisCross and Jordi Tarragona have a very smooth modern comic design, and Diego Yapur has photorealistic visuals models. Its a very bold artistic effect to switch up the style every few pages, but the action told in those pages keep the reader from getting too distracted.

Overall, Bloodshot: Rising Spirit had something for newcomers to enjoy and the longtime fans to appreciate. The comic rode the safe middle lane that doesn’t radically change the core concept of the character. This series did not try to address too much at one time. It offered interesting ideas that some parts of the story explored or keep hidden until it can build up the proper explanation. The action feels intense and showcases great artwork by the artist team. The series ends on a fine point that can be picked up for the next arc or be part of the long-standing Bloodshot lore. 

Bloodshot: Rising Spirit #8 was released on June 26th, 2019.
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