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Musical Montage: Saliva “The Spy Hunter Theme”

Back in 2001, Midway brought back one of their classic arcade titles, Spy Hunter, in an updated and expanded remake for most every console of that generation, including PS2, Gamecube, Xbox, Game Boy Advance and PC.  The game put the action behind the car similar to racing games like Need for Speed and let you drive the Interceptor, a souped-up sports car armed to the teeth and with ability to transform into a boat and a motorcycle form as well.  The game was a massive hit, eventually selling around 1.4 million copies and it received mostly good reviews from the media at the time.  It was such a big hit that The Rock signed on to star in the sequel game and a movie based on the game as well, but the movie never materialized.  As with a lot of things back in the strange days of the early Aughts, there was the inclusion of some sort of nu-metal, in this case, the band Saliva.  The music video for the band’s song “Your Disease” was included as a DVD special feature on the disc and the band also performed a new version of Spy Hunter’s theme, which was, of course, the theme from Peter Gunn.  Lead singer Josey Scott added lyrics to the song and the video features Scott and the other members of the band appearing in a sort of computer/hologram overlay while footage from the game appears in the background.  You can check it out below.

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