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The Pull List – Fight Club 3 #7

Posted on July 31, 2019 by

In order to stay alive, Balthazar and Tyler must venture back to the dating pool to find people to romance. However, they have stiff competition. Die Off Endeavors has been busy spreading its infection and carriers grow every day. Balthazar and Tyler will have to turn up the charm factor and head into the night.

Issue seven brings Balthazar and Tyler back to the bar and club scene, a place totally out of their element. The last time Balthazar went out with Tyler, it involved a night of fighting and creating anarchist. However, to avoid being sacrificed for Die Off Endeavors, the two personalities must share one body and guide it to find a potential hook up. But middle age has hit hard on Balthazar. A wink and a smile won’t cut it in the battlefield of post-modern dating. If they are going to stand a chance against dating apps, instant messages and rowdy club go-ers, they will have to put on a good war face to get their numbers up

Chuck Palahniuk gives a twisted look at the post-modern dating in this issue. When dating has turned into a fierce competition, real connections are put aside for cheap thrills and easy rewards. It’s fun to see the two personalities handle the awkward stage of getting to know someone and trying to make connections. Palahniuk’s places two of his beloved characters out of their element for the first time. Balthazar and Tyler had no issues beating up other men in basements and parking lots, but getting back into the dating scene is far more difficult. Cameron Stewart and Dave McCaig provide hilarious artwork that captures the hungry stares of infected carriers and the warm feelings of being a dog owner. It’s a strange ride of emotions that plays out nicely.

Fight Club 3 #7 was released July 31st, 2019.

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