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The Pull List – Punk Mambo #5

Posted on August 12, 2019 by

Bandaged up and ready for another go, Punk Mambo strikes back against her pursuers. The Tonton Macoute had nearly killed Mambo but Josef was able to help heal her before they could finish the job. Looking to take the fight back to transformed Azaire, the pair must deal with the demon Uncle Gunnysack first. Azaire’s power grows with every soul pulled into him, but will Mambo make the ultimate sacrifice to stop Azaire? 

Punk Mambo’s journey to find her missing loa Ayezan has brought her to the gods of voodoo, vicious gang members and a power-crazed foe pulling the strings. Azaire, a voodoo worshipper with no abilities of his own, has gathered the resources and spirits to build his power. Absorbing the spirits, Azaire is close to becoming a god himself. But his only mistake was not finishing off Mambo when he had the chance. With Josef’s assistance, Mambo is healed up and prepared to stop Azaire. 

Cullen Bunn and Adam Gorham work on Punk Mambo is an excellent focused story that shows off Mambo’s rebellious antics and some of the vulnerabilities she keeps hidden. Bunn brought out more of Mambo’s humane side, exploring some of Mambo’s past and her feelings towards working with others. However, friends and foes get the disobedient treatment if you order Mambo around. Gorham artwork is dark and vibrant, which greatly helps set the tone to Bunn’s writing. There’s a mix of intense action and cool magical effects that make this a mature paranormal series.

Punk Mambo builds on what fans have come to enjoy about Mambo and a wonderful addition to her development. The story has a great blend of horror, action, and some comedy to deliver a fun plot that doesn’t linger too long on one element. It’s interesting to see where Punk Mambo can be lead to next. But it’s sure to be filled with lots of attitude from the pink-haired badass.

Punk Mambo #5 will be on sale on August 14th, 2019.
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