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The Pull List – Strayed #1

Posted on August 19, 2019 by

In the distance future, humanity has reached beyond the known stars into new galaxies. A cat named Lou has the ability to astral-project across space and search for life forms. Alongside with his owner Kiara, they are part of a special government operation to find planets to inhabit. However, a sinister organization doesn’t want to connect with new life forms, it wants to conquer it. Lou and Kiara must stand against an overwhelming force to ensure the fate of billions do not end in the wrong hands.

Kiara Rodriguez created a device that translated brainwaves into speech patterns, allowing all lifeforms to communicate. When her device was given to an experimental cat named Lou, it gave the military a type of drone to find out new planets. Placed into a special military project, Kiara and Lou search the galaxy and mark coordinates. But with every scouting mission, Kiara grows worried about the future of Lou and growing suspicion about the project’s true purpose.

Carlos Giffoni and Juan Doe present a high sci-fi adventure with a whole galaxy at stake. While the series has a universe brimming with life, the core story follows Lou and Kiara’s struggle. Giffoni establishes the strong connection early, giving a bond that is rooted in mutual respect. Kiara treats Lou like a companion instead of a tool, something that her superiors have a growing disdain for. Lou is still figuring out his purpose and his role in communicating with the different life forms. Lou as an unwilling test subject that is slowly understanding his role. it’s neat to see Lou translate his simple emotions with his speaker box and his cat characteristics getting the first-person narration. Doe’s art is fantastic for this type of sci-fi adventure. There are tons of futuristic designs in the space station, alien planets and the cosmic landscapes.

Strayed is a fun read that offers a few familiar elements while something different to comic readers. The first issue has a strong introduction to the characters and setting, easing readers into the high sci-fi themes without slowing the pace. 

Strayed #1 will be on sale on August 21st, 2019.
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