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Everything Action Theater: Starcade

By Zach

We’re heading to A Video Game Con this coming weekend and what better way to get into the retro gaming state of mind than with arguably the greatest arcade game show of all time, Starcade.  The show debuted in 1982 on TBS and ran until 1983 and then there was a final run of shows in syndication in 1984.  Originally hosted by Mark Richards for the first 23 episodes, Ted Turner felt that Richards looked too uncomfortable on camera and veteran game show host Geoff Edwards came on to host the show until it ended.  Edwards didn’t know much about games when he first started hosting but he quickly became a huge fan and would offer contestants his own hints from playing all the games featured on the show backstage, including at one point beating the insanely difficult Sinistar.  The game selection on Starcade was extremely varied and in addition to iconic games like Donkey Kong and Pac-Man, there were lesser-known games like Wild Western, Tac Scan, Journey, Food Fight, and Wacko.  Check out a full episode below, where the contestants are battling for the chance to own a Pengo arcade cabinet.


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