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EA Commentary: Steele Justice

By Zach

With Cobra Kai trickling out from behind YouTube’s paywall and a new Rambo movie in theaters, one 80s B-movie that perfectly combines both of those things is 1987’s Steele Justice, which Chris and Zach watched for the latest Everything Action Commentary.  Starring Cobra Kai sensei Martin Kove as John Steele, Steele is a Vietnam vet turned ex-cop who is looking for revenge when his best friend (and ex-partner) is murdered by a corrupt Vietnamese businessman, who also happened to betray John and his partner in Vietnam.  From a battle on the set of a music video to a wonderfully cheesy training montage to a ninja sword battle finale, Steele Justice is a perfectly cromulent slice of 80s action and you can watch the whole thing below and sync it up with our commentary.


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